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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important that you contact PROOF immediately at or 757-985-3629 if your PROOF Pack is damaged or missing any contents.

Yes. To validate your identity and to upload your video recording to our system, an Internet connection is required.

If you experience technical issues during the test, contact PROOF via e-mail at

For the Andoid phones:
1. Tap Settings icon
2. Tap Notifications
3. Tap Do not disturb
4. Slide Do not disturb slider to the right

For Apple phones:
1. Pull down from the top of your screen
2. Tap Focus
3. Tap Do not disturb

The final step of your PROOF test will instruct you to take a picture of the shipping label with your front facing camera while your phone is in the stand. After you have captured the photo, you will be instructed to scan the label with your rear facing camera.

The phone stand is located on the front flap of your PROOF kit box. If you have a larger phone or case, you may be required to remove the case to fit your phone in the stand. Please ensure that the phone is located in front of you with your face, hands, and work surface visible to your front facing camera. It is recommended that you sit at a desk or table.

If your phone will not fit in the PROOF phone stand, first remove your case and attempt to use the PROOF phone stand. It is important that the phone stands vertically or upright in order for you to properly complete the test. If you are unable to remove your case, or if your case still does not fit in the stand with the case removed, please contact PROOF at or 757-985-3629.

For information on the testing devices refer to the package insert in the PROOF Pack

A cellular network is what your phone uses to connect to your phone carrier and to the internet if your phone is not using a WiFi connection. If you are not connected to a WiFi network, your phone carrier may apply charges for data depending on your phone plan. The data charges will vary by phone carrier so please contact your phone carrier prior to taking the Proof test. The amount of data used is small.